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We create your Band Identity which is much more than a logo

We create your Band Identity which is much more than a logo

We create your brand Identity which is much more than a logo




“There are three responses to a piece of design
Yes, No, & WOW! wow is the one to aim for.”

What We Do

Our Creative Team offers creative brand building, from strategy and consulting to asset development and campaign support. Our consultants will make sure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Digital advertising is evolving quickly, and keeping up with it can be challenging. Citi Media Design’s creative team will keep you positioned securely at the forefront of the technology, allowing you to think big and blow your audiences away. We will help you create customized, interactive, jaw-dropping ads that won’t just sell products; they will engage your audience at a deeper level. We are proud to offer the next generation of creative advertising services for the world’s most innovative marketers.

Logo Design

Professional and custom logo design, built for small and growing businesses!​
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Full service branding agency for small business, including logo design, print design, and web design.
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Graphics Design

Elevate your brand with graphic design that is creative, responsive, fresh and tailor-made for you.
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Web Design

Every web design project is unique. We want to get to know your company, understand your needs, and determine an appropriate timeline and project plan tailored to your business.
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Advertising photography create images of products for use in E-Commerce websites.​
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Whether it’s for a magazine, trade show, or billboard, creative design plays a vital role in your advertising strategy, and we can create ads that speak for you.
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Our designs are

The best graphic design companies will tell you: quality design not only extends your brand it increases the effectiveness of your print pieces. Whether you’re trying to sell a product, establish the perception of your brand or deliver a message, great design will help you accomplish your goal.






On Time

What we can offer you

We will provide you expert insights into how to best adapt your assets across all screens. We’ll also give you detailed feedback while clarifying best practices across ad units and verticals. Whether it’s existing assets or creating content, your brand will be uniquely represented in custom ad unit designs. Create unique ad executions that work in an RTB (Real-Time Bidding) environment within Citi Media’s platform.


  • Keep eye on the competition.
  • Concentrating only on product quality.
  • We keep our promise.


  • Never set  price by the hour.
  • Charge according to company value.
  • Always set price based on our client’s goals.


  • Respond quickly and be prepared to make things right for the customer.
  •  24 hour online support.

Our Clients

It's more than a client relationship. It's a partnership.

Citi Media Design prides itself in building success for our clients both large and small. For over nine years Citi Media Design has been working to build strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. In fact, it’s more than just a relationship, it’s a partnership and one in which successes are shared and difficulties are overcome together. It’s through our clients that we have been able to build a reputation in excellence. And it’s for our clients, that we strive every day to find that one edge, that one extra opportunity that will make the difference in our clients’ businesses. At Citi Media Ad Agency, we are proud of the results that we have brought to our clients, from taking a small business to the next level, to taking a large business all the way to the top.